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Birth Records Check

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People Finder Birth Reports May Include The Following:

- Full Name
- Birth City
- Birth State
- Full Date of Birth
- Marriage/Divorce Records
- Bankruptcies, Liens & Judgments
- Property Ownership

- Address History
- Alias/Maiden Name Check
- List of Relatives
- Phone Numbers
- Email Addresses
- Criminal Records
- Neighborhood Check
- Arrests & Warrants

Welcome to our birth records lookup page.

A birth certificate is a vital document. It is surprising how many people do not actually possess a copy of their birth certificate or any documentation to show where they were born. With our reverse lookup search, you can provide a name and state and lookup birth certificate records that are publicly available for nearly anyone.

Whether you need to check where someone was born; discover someone's true age and place of birth; want some documentation of your own origin of birth; or want more information about someones history (if you are creating a family tree and want information on a family member); you will find our reverse records lookup service invaluable in checking on birth information.

Best of all, you can perform a FREE teaser reverse records search to see if the person you want birth certificate information about is contained within the billions of records you can access. Then, you pay a small fee for one record, AND, you you will have the option of paying a very small additional fee for unlimited public reports for a year. It is up to you.

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