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Web Investigator Court Records Lookup Court Records Lookup Report May Include The Following:
- Criminal Record Search
- Misdemeanors & Felonies
- Alias/Maiden Name Check
- Arrests & Warrants
- Property Ownership Search
- Convictions & Incarcerations
- Area Sex Offender Check
- Civil Filings & Civil Actions
- List of Relatives
- Date of Birth
- List of Neighbors
- Address History
- Phone Numbers
- Spouse/Roommates Locator
- Email Addresses
- Neighborhood Statistics
- List of Possible Associates
- Neighborhood Check

Welcome to our reverse court records lookup page.

This is a unique court records search generally not offered anywhere else. With a the name of the person you can search multiple court databases that include available state, county and federal records. You can discover if a person has been sued in both federal and state courts; if a person has filed for a bankruptcy (or had any liens or judgments against them). You can even find out if someone has been arrested or served time.

Whether you need to check on a business associate; find out more about a new employee; want court records that might involve a new roommate or tenant; or want to be absolutely certain about someone you are planning to marry; you will find our court records lookup service invaluable.

Best of all, you can perform a FREE teaser court records search to see if the person you want to investigate is contained in the billions of records you can access. Then, you pay a small fee for one record, and, you have the option of paying a very small additional fee for unlimited reports for a year. It is up to you.

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